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* I represent and warrant that I am voluntarily and unconditionally giving this gift to the BC Amateur Sport Fund (BCASF), the BC chapter of the Canadian Council of Provincial & Territorial Sport Federations Inc. (CCPTSF) to benefit the development of amateur sport in Canada on a nation-wide basis. I understand that the BCASF can direct my donation to an amateur sport cause of its choice, however my preference is that my gift be used to support the project selected above. Consistent with Canada Revenue Agency’s interpretations of “qualifying donations”, I confirm that no material benefit will accrue to me or related parties as a result of this donation and that this gift does not or will not reduce any obligation, directly or indirectly, that I or related parties have for “non qualifying” expenses such as membership dues, training, or program registration fees, travel costs or other like expenses that I or related parties would normally be required to pay. I also understand that civil penalties can be imposed against me for the misrepresentations of tax matters. Based on these facts, I understand that an official receipt for tax purposes will be issued in respect of this gift.

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